(In-)secure Smart Home


The target of this project was to evaluate the security of smart home systems. We asked several well-known smart home provider if they can offer us free test systems for evaluation. Unfortunately most of them rejected our request, one even argued “our system is not designed for security”, whatever this means.
But two companies were kind enough to provide us their smart home systems for free. One system was the smart home system from Gigaset. It consists of the Gigaset safety starter kit and additional elements (sensors, button or plugs). Additionally, they provided us with the Gigaset elements camera. The second smart home system was from RWE (now Innogy). They provided us with the central box and add-ons for controlling heater and power plugs. We investigated the whole systems, including the central controlling box, the controlling app and also the additional sensors and web cams.
More details about our findings: