AHE16: Event Summary


On June 1st 2016, we organized our second Android Hacking Event (CTF-style) at Fraunhofer SIT. This time, it was organized by our new hacking team: TeamSIK. The focus was similar to last year’s event. Our team designed different challenges based on Android apps, with one flag per challenge. Participants then had to find these flags inside the apps and submit them to our online scoreboard system. In order to cover a wide range of skills and areas of mobile security, our challenges were from different categories: Reverse Engineering, Forensics, Crypto, Network, and Misc. Soon after announcing the event, we found that this CTF-style Android event might be also interesting for other people around the world who cannot make it to Darmstadt (Germany). Therefore, we decided to turn it into a global event and opened up the challenges to everyone worldwide. This meant that there were two different kinds of hackers: remote hackers that participated online and local hackers that participated at our institute in Darmstadt. For the local hackers, we offered awesome prizes sponsored by Google, Intel, Titus and an anonymous sponsor. Thanks to our sponsors once again!

In Darmstadt, we could not only welcome people from the area, but also guest hackers from Munich (Germany), Passau (Germany), London (UK) and Padua (Italy). Thanks all for coming!

Internally, we had a lot of discussions how we could make this event as awesome as possible. After some back and forth, we were able to get a Pizza Wagon baking fresh pizzas during the whole event. From our feedback from the participants, everyone enjoyed that wagon. Besides the pizza wagon, there were also free drinks, beer and snacks. I hope everyone enjoyed the offerings; at least we as TeamSIK certainly did.

After hacking for 5 hours, eating pizzas, snacks and drinking a lot of beer, the winners of the local hackers at Darmstadt were determined:

Congratulations to team Phish’n’Chips from London for the 3rd rank!

Congratulations to team cmd from Darmstadt for the 2nd rank!

Congratulations to team MirEgal from Darmstadt for the 1st rank!

The complete score board containing teams from Darmstadt, Paderborn and all over the world is here:

 # Player  Score
1 MirEgal 1050
2 cmd 1000
3 pluszweigleichdrei 950
4 Phish’n’Chips 950
5 DroidBots 700
6 CocaCola 650
7 0xACF 600
8 zyg0te 400
10 l33t_marshmallows 400
11 lifree 350
12 Daniel 100
13 mimo 100
14 HereForThePizza 100
15 000WirWarenErster 100
16 bullhead 100
17 XLZhangUnhcfreg 100
18 asdf 100
19 Nicholas 100
20 00000Denkste 0
21 1337peniz 0
22 Alexeyan 0
23 Alexeyan 0
24 Clemens 0
25 Dima 0
26 Lennart 0
27 Mephisto 0
28 Clemens 0
29 Projector 0
30 RagingPlatypi 0
31 Sascha 0
32 Sunny 0
33 Test 0
34 Turon 0
35 akshay 0
36 car0 0
37 elaw 0
38 fl0r 0
39 fsociety 0
40 ich 0
41 juschz 0
42 phr0s 0
43 phreaks 0
44 r00tUser123 0
45 roshan 0
46 salto7_91 0
47 sasukeourad 0
48 tehtitanium 0
49 timo 0
50 victor 0

Thank you all for participating the event! Maybe see you in 2017!

A few more pictures from the event in Darmstadt: