AHE16: Call for Participation


Interested in hacking Android Applications? Interested in winning awesome prizes? Then this is for you…


  • April 20th: We are happy to announce a second spot for local hackers: Zukunftsmeile 1, 33102 Paderborn (Paderborn University). If you live closer to Paderborn, feel free to pass by at Paderborn. Please tick „Yes to Darmstadt“ if you want to participate in Darmstadt and „Yes to University of Paderborn“ if you want to participate in Paderborn“ in the submission form for local hackers: http://goo.gl/forms/ngS3sPSmwZ
  • April 6th: Due to some comments/feedback from the Android security community, we decided to change the setup a little bit. Originally, the Android Hacking Event 2016 was intended to be an event for students. However, it seems that there might be a lot of experienced CTF guys interested in remotely participating in our event. Therefore, we have two modes now:
    • Local Hackers: People coming to Darmstadt (Germany) for the main event. You need to qualify (see below).
    • Remote Hackers: People NOT coming to Darmstadt (Germany) for the main event. You don’t need to qualify.

    Prizes are for student participants (as required by sponsors). All others can participate for the fame, your points will still be recorded publicly.
    Please read the text below, there has been some updates.


  • Remote Hackers: no qualification needed. For the main event, you will have to register here
  • Local Hackers: Qualification required
    • Challenges (Solve at least one challenge. Limited number of participants: The more challenges you solve, the better your chances are to be invited.): https://goo.gl/vMj6b6 (released: April 7th)
    • Submission until:
      • Early Bird: April 20th 2016 23:59 (German time)
      • Last Chance: Mai 11th 2016 23:59 (German time)
    • Submission website: http://goo.gl/forms/ngS3sPSmwZ
    • Main Event: June 1st 2016
      • @Fraunhofer SIT (Rheinstraße 75, Darmstadt, Germany)
      • @Paderborn University (Zukunftsmeile 1, 33102 Paderborn, Germany)
    • Prizes for best hackers sponsored by: Google, Intel, Titus and an anonymous sponsor


The Android Hacking Event is a CTF-based event where participants need to break (reverse engineer) Android applications in order to find secrets (e.g. a password). There will be different challenges: easy, medium and difficult challenges which need to be mastered within a certain time.


Main event June 1st 2016:

  • Local hackers:
    • @Fraunhofer SIT (Rheinstraße 75, Darmstadt, Germany), 3pm until around 1am.
    • @Paderborn University (Zukunftsmeile 1, 33102 Paderborn, Germany), 3pm until around 1am.
  • Remote hackers: Registration before event; Start: 5:30pm


Remote Hackers:

  • No need for qualification
  • Registration (scoreboard): https://ahe16.sit.fraunhofer.de/
  • Start at 5:30pm June 1st 2016. Challenges will be available at scoreboard

Local Hackers:
Every single hacker needs to pass at least one of our qualifying challenges before (s)he can attend at the main event (June 1st 2016). The hacking challenges are similar to the one in the main event. There will be four Android apps, all of them require a single password to pass the challenge. The correct password is found if you see a “Congratulations” dialog box. Solve at least one challenge. Limited number of participants: The more challenges you solve, the better your chances are to be invited.
We will release the qualifying challenges by April 7th 2016: https://goo.gl/vMj6b6
There will be two qualifying rounds:

  • Early Bird: April 20th 2016 23:59 (German time)
  • Last Chance: Mai 11th 2016 23:59 (German time)

If you are qualified after „Early Bird“, you will get a bonus prize at the main event.

Please submit your results at: http://goo.gl/forms/ngS3sPSmwZ
The submission requires the correct password and also a short description how you extracted the password (see submission website).

If you submit by April 20th and get rejected by us, please re-submit it by Mai 11th, there is still a high change that you get accepted!

Every participant who qualifies for the main event will receive an email from us.

During the main event at Darmstadt and Paderborn, there will be time to build groups of up to three local hackers. Don’t worry, even if you do not know the others, there will be a group for you as well! More information about the agenda will be presented at the main event.


Local Hackers:

  • Wait until we release our qualifying challenges, hack them and submit them at http://goo.gl/forms/ngS3sPSmwZ by April 20th or Mai 11th.
  • After the first and the second deadline, we will let you know if you are part of the main event on June 1st 2016.

Remote Hackers:

  • You are welcome to look into the qualifying challenges, but it is not required.
  • We will announce the URL for registration at least 2 days before the event here and via twitter @teamsik

Happy Hacking!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact us here.